New Music for Acoustic Guitars

ZUM is an Argentinean-Japanese guitar trio, Shinkuro Matsuura, Luciano Pietrafesa and Fumihito Hatano are specialized in the use of steel string acoustic guitars tuned to the so-called “Guitar Craft Tuning”, which gives their characteristic sound a much wider sonic range.
ZUM’s main driving force is in the “Funk-Prog” stile that is the core of their own repertoire, however, their diverse musical escapades serve as examples of their versatility and virtuosity.

During their Perfomances, one may hear Broken Funk side by side with Piazzola and Bartók, The Beatles or Stevie Wonder, this without losing the inner coherence and distinct identity of the group. In this sense ZUM is a delight to experience live!

The trio met for the first time in August 1995, during a Guitar Craft Seminar in West Virginia/USA, after which they collaborated on various projects, recording and touring through Europe, United States, Japan and South America.

Since January 2002 they have also been working as part of the legendary guitar ensembles “The League of Crafty Guitarists”, “The Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists” and “The Symphony of Crafty Guitarists”. As members of the mentioned ensembles they had been touring extensively around the world together with Robert Fripp between 2006 and 2015.

It was from these common activities and experiences that ZUM emerged and evolved. Tours through Spain, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Andorra, Japan, USA, Chile and Argentina followed.

They released their first album “ZUM” in 2003. The second one, “Angel Suite”, was launched in May 2006. In July 2008 their third album “Independencia 06” was released and in 2012, they completed and launched “In The Same Boat” a great piece of work that contains their original pieces.