Tiny Orchestral Moments Seattle USA

Building on three years of Tiny Orchestral Moments Peak Week residential workshops, 
TOM IV Peak Week was held in the Seattle area 
on Sunday August 25th – Sunday September 1st 2019.

Peak Week 2019 featured an international array of collaborators including:

California Guitar Trio (Paul Richards, Hideyo Moriya, Bert Lams)
Big Time Trio (Horacio Pozzo, Claudio Lafalce, Martin de Aguirre)
Zum Trio (Luciano Pietrafesa, Shinkuro Matsuura, Fumihito Hatano)
Gitbox (Nigel Gavin, Sonia Wilson)
Electric Gauchos (Fernando Kabusacki, Fernando Samalea, Steve Ball, Alex Anthony Faide, Julie Slick)

In addition, we hosted our returning professionals from the TOM core team including:

Nora Germain (violin, voice, information movement)
Amy Denio (all known instruments + a few unknown)
Aileen Bunch (piano, voice)
Carl Germain
 (guitar, live sound, recording)
Brad Hogg (guitar, bread, facilitation)

…as well as a number of local and international special guests. 

Of course, we also hosted a very special featured “wild card” guests
in the tradition of Petra Haden (2016), Janet Feder (2017), and Beth Fleenor (2018).

This year, our 2019 annual Peak Week event incorporate an inclusive workshop 
designed for beginners and anyone new to the TOM team
embedded into the traditional week of TOM practices:

initiation: introductions, orientation
collaboration: group work, guided instruction
improvisation: principles and practices
writing: preparation for performance
performance: presentation of our work
recording: performance with the “red light” on
reflection: learning and recapitulation
productization: translation of this work into products
application: completion to enable continuation + expansion

Like previous years, events included focus on  Continuous Improvisation applied to our interactions collaborations, writing, performing, recording, productization and monetization of our work together.

Thursday, September 5

Artica 7, Yoyogi, Tokyo
Doors: 19:00/ Show: 19:30
YenYoyogi 1-41-3-2F, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053
TEL: 070-5360-3593

Tuesday, September 10

S.O.Ra., Namba, Osaka
Doors: 18:30/ Show: 19:30
¥ 3,000
YenMinatomachi 1-3-1, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 556-0017
TEL: 06-6644-9292 (JOYFUL NOISE)http://www.joyful-noise.net/sora/index.html

Thursday, September 12th

Old time Wakayama
Doors 19:00 Show 20:00
¥ 2,500
Kitashin 5-70 Wakayama-si Wakayama-prf. 640-8002
Tel 073-428-1950

Friday, September 13th

美咲芸術世界 / Misaki Art World

Bar Koh Chi
Misaki-Cho, Kume-gun, préfecture d’Okayama

Doors 18:00 Show 18:30